This digital marketing masterclass is a must for every new entrepreneur

TLDR: Get started on a digital marketing strategy that works to land your first 1,000 customers, all for just $15.

When entrepreneurs take their first tentative steps into the world of digital marketing, it can be a pretty scary place. When you’re starting at the ground floor, judging your work against the digital blitzkrieg of an Amazon or a Facebook is a recipe for disappointment. 

Instead, focus on an immediate goal, like reaching 1,000 online sales. Even if you’ve never tackled the treacherous depths of digital advertising before, the direction from a course like the Digital Marketing Masterclass: Get Your First 1,000 Customers can help make that daunting task a lot more manageable. Right now, you can get that training at literally hundreds off its regular price, just $15 from TNW Deals.

Over nearly 200 video lectures and covering more than a day’s worth of content, this package led by instructor Evan Kimbrell is a step-by-step guide for forming all the building blocks of a sound, successful online marketing campaign.

Students first learn how to maneuver through the individual strengths and weaknesses of all the major social media platforms, allowing you to find pockets of customers across the web. Once you know how to connect through platforms from Facebook and Twitter to Instagram, SnapChat and beyond, you’ll be ready to cultivate your own communities in places like Reddit, ProductHunt and HackerNews.

You’ll also ramp up your own content outreach strategy from enlisting coverage through various blogs, online news outlets and media sites to creating your own web content hubs through WordPress sites.

You’ll even go deep inside Search Engine Optimization (SEO) to find out the keywords and phrases that’ll put your efforts at the top of Google searches and drive more customers to your front door.

Valued at $499, this limited-time deal slashes the price on the entire package down to just $15.

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Prices are subject to change.

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