Cryptocurrency blockchain Tron’s Justin Sun Goes to Lunch With Apple Co-Founder, Doesn’t Know What ‘Partnership’ Means

Cryptocurrency blockchain

  • Justin Sun “partners” with Apple’s Steve Wozniak.
  • What could the partnership involve?
  • Sun has a dodgy history of “partnerships.”

Tron CEO Justin Sun, CEO has partnered with Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak. That’s according to an emphatic Tweet from Sun, who believes a recent luncheon with the “legendary Woz,” signifies the basis for a “partnership.” Unfortunately, Sun’s track record of “partnerships” suggests that he doesn’t actually know what a partnership entails. So, is the collaboration legitimate this time around?

Justin Sun meets and “partners” with Apple founder Steve Wozniak. | Source: Twitter

In all fairness, the eccentric Tron CEO was bouncing off a tweet from the Woz himself. The Apple co-founder was the first to break the news, revealing they had had lunch at Mandarin Gourmet in Cupertino, California, quipping:

Lunch with Justin Sun for free! (He paid for lunch with Warren Buffett)

We can only assume from this that Sun didn’t pay for lunch… Pretty tight for a multi-billion-dollar crypto founder.

Cryptocurrency blockchain Could This Be a Real Partnership?

Regardless, Woz’s account gives some credence to the idea that a partnership was struck. Two key details have been established: The pair met and had lunch. So far, so good for Sun’s narrative.

For argument’s sake, let’s assume there is a partnership between Tron and Wozniak. What would be the point?

Wozniak has shown an increasing interest in cryptocurrency over the years. He once attributed bitcoin to “pure digital gold,” and in 2018, he founded the blockchain-based investment firm EQUI Global.

Back in August last year, the Apple co-founder joined a Malta-based blockchain enterprise, EFFORCE. The project focuses on facilitating investments for selected energy-efficient blockchain projects.

Reasonably, Tron could now be one of Woz’s curated projects.

CCN.com reached out to Sun and Wozniak for more details, both of whom have yet to respond.

Cryptocurrency blockchain Justin Sun: A History of Deception

As some detractors pointed out, Sun has a history of getting ‘confused’ when it comes to collaborations.

As one Twitter user eloquently put it:

You toss the word partnership around so frequently that we must conclude you have partnership with parking meters, toilets, and pretty much anything else you have a brief moment with

Harsh, but true. Sun’s record of announcing an announcement prior to a ‘big announcement’ has garnered infamy in the crypto community. And his partnerships have become a laughing stock.

Perhaps one of Sun’s most infamous partnerships came back in October 2018, when the Tron CEO boasted about collaborating with a multi-billion-dollar industry “giant.”

A Multibillion dollar partnership with Tron. who could it be? | Source: Twitter

In the end, it turned out that Tron had simply purchased some cloud computing resources from internet giant Badiu. To clarify, this is tantamount to everyone with an Amazon Prime membership professing to “partnering” with Amazon. Still, it caused a massive pump for Tron’s TRX token, so no harm, no foul, right?

In another absurd episode, Sun lauded a “partnership” with Liverpool Football Club:

In reality, the premiership club had sent out a wide array of these invites to drum up sponsorship.

And of course, who could forget the notorious Warren Buffet lunch debacle. After paying $4.5 million to have lunch with the Oracle of Omaha, the young crypto billionaire pulled out because of “kidney stones.”

Having said this, Sun recently managed to bag PewDiePie, one of Youtube’s biggest creators, for the blockchain-based streaming platform Dlive—the latest addition to the Tron ecosystem. So, the question remains, did he manage to bag the Woz as well?

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Last modified: January 22, 2020 11:38 PM UTC

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