Cryptocurrency blockchain Interview with VibraVid CEO Steven Zambron about Upcoming Platform Launch and BeatzCoin IEO

Cryptocurrency blockchain

cryptocurrency  blockchain

ProBit Exchange, the platform that is hosting the BeatzCoin IEO on September 30, has conducted an interview with VibraVid CEO Steven Zambron about blockchain, music and the upcoming BTZC IEO.

ProBit: What is blockchain for you and what do you think about its future potential? 

Steven Zambron: Blockchain, and even some cryptocurrencies themselves, are very important, yet mostly undiscovered technologies. For me, blockchain serves as a powerful, decentralized medium that will continue to evolve as more and more people are aware of its benefits and potential uses. In just a few years, I’ve seen the space go from a handful of various simple financial transaction systems to more robust networks that allow for smart contract deployment, scalability, speed, DApps, and even privacy features. As technology becomes more universally accepted, it is going to be very interesting to see what enhancements the generations of tomorrow will come up with.  

cryptocurrency  blockchain

ProBit: Coming to your project BeatzCoin, what is it about, can you give us a brief? What is your vision and the goal you want to ultimately achieve with BeatzCoin?

Steven Zambron: First is our social music and video streaming platform, VibraVid. The way our ideal business model is outlined, we could not succeed with this model by using USD or even another cryptocurrency that was already in existence. It was necessary for us to create the utility token, BeatzCoin (BTZC), to power the VibraVid platform.

Through VibraVid, there are 2 primary components. Those creating and uploading content (content creators), and those listening to, or viewing that content (users).

As a content creator, you sign up to the VibraVid platform and choose whether to set a price for your streams, offer your content for free, or perhaps set a bounty. Setting a bounty simply means that you give out a small amount of BTZC for anyone who listens or views your content.

Speaking of bounties, imagine you are a passionate musician, instrumental producer, or you simply make creative videos, and aspire to be noticed. The current model of other platforms does not allow you to market yourself. That is incumbent upon you, as a creator. See the problem here? Many people either don’t have the time or funds to run efficient marketing campaigns, which we all know can be very expensive. With VibraVid, however, you can simply set a small bounty on your song or video, for example, and instantly drive people to your content, incentivising them to consume, while increasing your chance of being “discovered.”

VibraVid will also be integrating advertisements following the release of our MVP, where the revenue is fairly split between the uploader, the listener or viewer, and the platform itself. The ultimate goal of VibraVid is to empower and incentivize both the content creator, as well as the user, and provide a platform that actually puts its users 1st, and provides a fair distribution of ad revenues.

cryptocurrency  blockchain
John McAfee is not only an advisor to BeatzCoin, but also a huge supporter of underground music.

ProBit: What motivated you to initiate this project?

Steven Zambron: I began making music over 25 years ago. I’ve seen and experienced a lot within that space. There is so much undiscovered musical talent in the world and it is extremely difficult to get noticed or go viral, and even harder to make any sort of living by doing what you love. I want to not only level the playing field concerning revenue share but also provide easy and simple opportunities for anyone who is looking to get noticed. When I began getting involved with blockchain and cryptocurrency, I immediately knew that this was a golden opportunity to change the music game in favor of the artists and creators.

ProBit: What do you think is the advantage of blockchain as a technology for your project/platform?

Steven Zambron: The advantage is that transactions on VibraVid are nearly instant and free, especially considering the use of the Tron blockchain. Although slightly different from and not defined as a blockchain, we utilize the BitTorrent File System (BTFS) as a means of file storage, which is a decentralized, distributed network. By using the BitTorrent protocol for storage, the transfer of large and highly demanded files will be facilitated without the use of a centralized server and thus avoids a central point of failure that centralized platforms suffer from today.

cryptocurrency  blockchain
Each VibraVid user receives an auto-generated wallet that securely stores their BTZC and TRX.

ProBit: Why should a buyer choose BeatzCoin?

Steven Zambron: BeatzCoin is needed to transact on the VibraVid platform. It has a definitive purpose, and a real and valid use-case. We recently signed a listing and partnership agreement with Changelly, which will allow holders of virtually any major cryptocurrency to seamlessly enter and exit the VibraVid platform as they see fit. These include Bitcoin, Ethereum, Tron, Ripple, Litecoin and 150 more tokens and coins. When combined with our limited total supply of 3 billion tokens, and an extreme use-case…I’ll let the buyer make that decision on whether to participate in our IEO, which begins September 30th, on the South Korean exchange probit.com

cryptocurrency  blockchain
BeatzCoin’s IEO is hosted on ProBit Exchange from September 30

Thank you for the interview Steven, we are looking forward to hosting a successful IEO for BeatzCoin on probit.com from September 30!

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