Cryptocurrency blockchain Craig Wright on Bitcoin, the YouTube Purge, and HEX’s Criminal Richard Heart

Cryptocurrency blockchain

  • Purported bitcoin creator Craig Wright takes aim at YouTubers, HEX’s Richard Heart and crypto pumpers.
  • Self-proclaimed Satoshi Nakamoto paints a very different picture of bitcoin’s future than is found in crypto circles.
  • Says miners will eventually be prosecuted for running nodes that facilitate criminal activity.

Self-proclaimed bitcoin creator Craig Wright told CCN he thought the recent YouTube cryptocurrency purge was a long time coming. Wright also gave his opinion on HEX creator Richard Heart – also known by a number of different aliases.

And the Bitcoin SV (BSV) creator laid out his vision for a truly transparent bitcoin – one which would undercut criminals and corrupt politicians in one fell swoop.

Cryptocurrency blockchain YouTube Purge Was Justified, Says Craig Wright

When asked what he thought about YouTube’s (apparently mistaken) removal of cryptocurrency videos, Wright’s reply was brief and to the point:

I see it as about time. I hope they imprison most of the scammers pumping this shit.

Wright takes YouTube’s side in the fracas, noting the video streaming site is within its right to remove any content it wishes. Wright said:

YouTube has every right to do as it pleases.

Numerous theories attempted to explain YouTube’s abrupt removal of masses of cryptocurrency videos. Some channels were targeted heavily, while others with similar content were ignored completely by the censors.

Even after YouTube came out and admitted their mistake, the patchy restoration of certain videos – and the neglect of others – did little to clear things up.

Cryptocurrency blockchain On HEX: Richard Heart is a Criminal

Craig Wright affirmed what many in the cryptocurrency space had already discovered. Namely, that HEX creator, Richard Heart, is a known criminal.

In November, Heart publicly confronted Wright during an on-stage talk at the AIBC Bitcoin summit. Heart and Wright exchanged barbs in the following to-and-fro:

The ‘conversation’ started when Heart asked Wright: “Why do you pretend to be Satoshi?”

To which, Wright replied: “I don’t. Why do you pretend not to be a total fool?”

When asked his opinion of Richard Heart, Craig Wright replied simply:

Richard Heart is a criminal.

A backlog of screenshots and court decisions would suggest that on this matter, the self-proclaimed Bitcoin creator is probably correct.

Cryptocurrency blockchain Wright on the Real Bitcoin

For years now Wright has been singing from a very different hymn-book than the majority of bitcoin adherents. The former pastor is very much at odds with the prevailing wisdom which positions bitcoin as the anti-state, anti-government alternative to fiat money.

Whereas many bitcoiners see anonymity and pseudonymity as protections against an unjust government, Wright sees bitcoin as the thing which makes the government just.

In other words, bitcoin’s transparency terrifies those corrupt entities in government which thrive on unaccountability.

…consider how much money would be pitted against bitcoin. Not what people are trying to make it, my idea. Imagine a world where government is held to account, where corruption is tracked, where criminals are able to be traced. Then you can start to understand the fear that people feel.

Furthermore, Wright continues to throw cold water on the bitcoin brigade, and refutes the notion that Bitcoin’s blockchain cannot be shut down. According to Wright, miners will eventually be recognised as the entities which supply the infrastructure for criminal enterprises:

It’s only miners that act as nodes. These are the only things that will be seized. Importantly, where a large miner decides to ignore the law, it will be acting in contempt of court. In such an instance, governments have the right to sequester the assets of the violating organisation.

As we move into the New Year, Wright now awaits the arrival of a bonded courier who is supposed to bring the private keys to his multi-billion bitcoin fortune.

This article was edited by Sam Bourgi.

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