Cryptocurrency blockchain Business.Club – Unique Opportunities to Grow Your Capital

Cryptocurrency blockchain

Business.Club is a stable, digital platform that is constantly growing and comprises success-oriented individuals. By joining this platform, you’re on the right track to unveiling unique opportunities that will increase your capital. To begin with, you’ll discover its great cryptocurrency — the Business Club Token (BCT), as well as the Active Wallet. These two tools will make your funds work for you.

Whether you’re buying, selling, spending, or simply exchanging BCT with other users, you’ll grow your funds daily. Besides, the platform gives you the opportunity to rule your funds using up to five payment cards. Overall, every transaction that happens on the platform remains transparent, regardless of how small or how big it is. This is possible with the Business Club Blockchain.

Cryptocurrency blockchain Business Club Ecosystem

The first benefit of joining the platform is access to an Active Wallet, which you can use to store and grow your capital, thanks to the native cryptocurrency, BCT. With BCT tokens, you can buy various items within the ecosystem, including file storage space, bandwidth transfer, advertisement space and much more. BCT tokens also allow you to quickly transfer funds from one individual user to another under one roof.

What is Active Wallet? Well, this innovative wallet has distinctive features that set it apart from the conventional digital wallets. In addition to offering the safest custody for your funds, your BCT tokens stored in the Active Wallet work for you daily and multiply your profits. 

And, if you’re wondering where the profits come from, the platform charges a small fee for each transaction done using BCT tokens. Besides, users who spend their BCTs within and outside Business.Club generate a profit for the company, because the tokens eventually return to the service. As a BCT holder, you’re eligible for a share of the company’s profit. Therefore, each BCT token you own generates profit. Your share as a holder depends on how many tokens you own, which culminates into daily and monthly profits from your Active Wallet.

Cryptocurrency blockchain Transparency of Transactions

Business.Club embraces transparency in all of its transactions. Through the Business Club Blockchain (BCB), the platform is able to deliver transparent and credible transactions. The users can view virtually all transactions from the smallest to the largest. Using the platform’s address Business.club/explorer, all transactions are readily available for scrutiny.

Cryptocurrency blockchain About Business Club Token (BCT) and the Profit It Generates

The BCT token is an integral part of Business Club. The token connects members and people across the world in order to develop the largest community with its own stable digital currency that delivers real purchasing power. The BCT token moves freely among users and generates continuous profits, which helps in the development of the company. What’s more, even the members are able to get a share of the profit too. 

Cryptocurrency blockchain Business.Club Payment Cards

Suffice to say, Business.Club is the only company where the traditional and digital currency worlds fusion becomes a reality. Through its payment cards, Business.Club gives you the power to store, purchase, sell, or spend your fiat and digital funds anywhere in the world. 

For instance, VISA Leaf Green Debit Card is freely available for all members and requires no BCT stake. Currently, they’re in the process of applying for the Malta Financial Services Authority License and all cards will be available once the company gets the license from Blockchain Business Solutions LLC. Once you buy your BCT tokens, you can hold then for a minimum of six months in your Active Wallet and receive one of their five payment cards. Once the 180-day window expires, you are eligible to get a payment card. 

Cryptocurrency blockchain Business Club Products and Services

Business Club delivers a wide variety of products and services as follows:

  • Active Wallet: This wallet makes your BCT work on your behalf and increases your earnings. The more BCT tokens you have, the bigger your daily and monthly profits are.
  • Business.Club Token (BCT): The original cryptocurrency is a fundamental part of their ecosystem. It allows you to accomplish much more within and outside the platform.
  • Business.Club Blockchain (BCB): The service embraces an original blockchain that instills transparency in all their dealings. Whether it’s purchasing, selling, or exchanging, the BCB is the mirror through which the users can see everything that happens on the platform.
  • Payment Cards: Both traditional and digital currency worlds meet at Business.Club. You can store, purchase, sell, or spend digital and fiat currencies anywhere in the world.
  • Business.Club Cloud: This service offers members modern and secure file hosting, with an option to increase the storage capacity to 2 TB. The platform also allows members to gradually increase their storage space easily until they find the right solution for their needs.

Cryptocurrency blockchain Business.Club Social Network

With a social media platform that utilizes ultramodern solutions, Business.Club offers multiple functions, products, and services, including:

  • BCT transfer between users
  • Cloud service 
  • Video transmission
  • Sponsored content
  • Advertising
  • Account functionality extension
  • Encrypted chat
  • Smart store and much more

Finally, yet on a very important note, it’s easy to join Business.Club and start enjoying the products and services mentioned here. The platform is available on the App Store and on Google Play.

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Last modified: January 22, 2020 11:38 PM UTC

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